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TOPIC: Social and Economic problems
Analysis and presentation of an environmental obstacles i.e social economic problems, are those vices that hampered human society is stability and harmonies living which reflex immorality and financial decadence.
However, inflation, prostitution's, women and child trafficking are the subject for discussion.
Inflation: is defined as the persistence rises in the price of commodities. Inflation can further be explain into following classes.
i.           Demand pull inflation: this inflation resulting from excessive demand over supply.
ii.        Cost pull inflation: this refer to inflation caused by rising cost of production.
iii.      Hyper inflation: this refer to inflation which has gotten out of hand and is also known as galloping or runaway inflation.

1.     Increase in government expenditure: increased government budget deficit financing, in a bid to provide more development project has led to too much money in the economy. This strengthens people’s purchasing power and where goods and services are in short supply, the general price level rises.
2.     Low productivity in the industrial sector: this result in low supply of manufactured goods. This could be brought about by high cost of production and consequently high price of manufactured goods ensue.
3.     Wages and salaries in excess of productivity: this means excessive increase in the earning of all categories of labour relatives to productivity thus leading to too much money chasing too few goods. E.g The Udoji award in Nigeria in 1975 by which wages and salaries were revised upwards is believed to have created on inflatory trend in Nigeria.
4.     Others include excessive bank lending. High cost production etc.
Inflation effect can be identifying through:
i.           Maximization of profit by individual enterprise
ii.        Employment opportunity
iii.      Redistribution of income
iv.      It discourage savings
As a social scientist, inflation can be control through, price control, increase in importation, increase in supply of goods and services.

PROSTITUTIONS: simply means performing or agreeing to sexual act for money or valuable equivalent by an adult with consent. However, emphasis is given to child prostitution which is termed as exploitation of the child for remuneration in cash or kind. The cause cannot be run away from, homelessness poverty, home instability, and substances abuse, educational and vocational failure. While the following are consequences of child prostitution, communicable disease, drug addiction, death, psychological effect etc.

WOMEN/CHILDREN TRAFFICKING: which is illegal processes of moving people from their place of origin to unknown destination forcefully. This is duely carried out by individual or organize people who specialized in these devious act, aiming at making money. It communicate the following dangers, force prostitution, kidnapping, rape, force labour, slavery.
Conclusively social and economic problems were artificial formed by notorious element in human society such as inflation, prostitution, women/child trafficking, unemployment, corruption and host of other. Therefore, society community women, state and eradication of this social menace, for a better social and economic environment.

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