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LIFE IN MY COUNTRY Life in Our country is well described to be difficult, where every citizen is to labour for anything he/she has to receive, were we have jobless youth walking around the street causing environmental havoc. Here in the country life is very difficult for the poor and pretty easy for the rich, were the rich are given special treatment than the poor. Poverty has been the topic of the discussion and the numbers of poor people in our country are more than the rich. Joblessness and poverty works hand in hand in our country were the government can provide for the citizen and youth with job opportunities the enduge in violence act and cause havoc to the society. While joblessness takeover the life of our youth poverty destroys the life of innocent people, essesive petroleum service but yet we suffer for lack of resources. Recently in the country with our essess petroleum oil we still had to sufer for fuel scarcity while other country that lack all these resources come to our country and get it in a snop of the cashes at which it is so depressing to sit and watch all that is going on hand how the poor and less privilege are struggling to survive in their own country like the are foreigners. Our leader should look deep into this matter on ground and tackle it with great sense. we have little children who are bright but cant afford to go to a better school or those jambite with great WAEC scores that cant make it to school because of tribalism and non-indigins, tought our country has cut off the tribalism fact, because its still keep our youth and young children at home doing nothing and causing environmental havoc.   CHILD TRAFFICKING IN NIGERIA Children trafficking is one of the major problems in Nigeria wereby children are been taken out of place comfort zone from their parent and taken fund into various place like prostitution, hawkers and househelp. There are also time were they are been treated brutally. Nowadays children trafficking has become more rapid everywhere in our country, were children are been turned and deprived of their right by other citizens. In the streets thisdays you see a child hawking and selling on the road and after the whole sales will take the money to their so-called Master or mistress. Sometimes when we sale are not up to what is being expected and the children are being flogged brutally and staved of feeding for that day. The children are been turned into slaves. In the case of other children who are trafficked into prostitutions in other countries were old shameless men get to harass them sexually. A young child of 10 years will be turn into prostitution or even at night clubs and strippers while before they were taking away from their parent were promised to be sent to a great schools. The governments should look into this situation and hear the cry of this children and look into it because some parent give their children to child traffickers unknowing because the don’t have the resources to train the children than they give the children to higher hand to take care for them and unfortunately the children are not taken care of. The government should reach their hand to family facing and hard life and poverty in our country and provide excessive resources for our children. And anybody caught in act of trafficking should be treated according to the law.

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